All Fail No Breaks! Most Shocking Fails Of The Week

All Fail No Breaks! Most Shocking Fails Of The Week

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Looking at those landwwhales tripping over and causing earthquakes on other side of globe with their falls I once again get reassured that amurikans are the healthiest nation on entire planet.


badest spotter ever

Megan Mose
what you expect lady he is a dog

Forget It
this video should be age restricted, if not outright removed. It’s soo dangerous and watching people involved in LIFE is too much for me!!! Boo hoo!! YouTube blocks videos like this all the time…

Kevin Hibbard
I feel that guy with the trampoline. I had a ez up tent set up on a flat top roof, wind kicked up and it lifted off. below was a new car dealer. We wwere hanging on for dear life. we kept it from going over until the gust stopped but it was such a pucker moment

Llama Sugar
In MI, we had air quality index numbers of 236 one day (out of a week of being over 190). For context, 100+ is not good for anyone, “sensitive group” or not. I bought N95 masks to wear outside; before then, I’d only ever worn them indoors.

Dave Ellis
Recorded horizontally:) and vertically:(

Michael L.
“It’s a company truck “ 😂

Jimmy Steiger
@2:10 alcohol/opioids & choldren dont mix well..

Mike Berichon
What is this? Third world fails?