Angry People Failing At Everything! Hilarious Rage Compilation

Angry People Failing At Everything! Hilarious Rage Compilation

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Amazing record
I don’t know whether to laugh or feel sorry for them. Either way, this rage compilation had me in tears from start to finish! 😂👏👏👏

Prince Isot
Bruh the guy on the bike basically crying “dont you fuckin touch her😢” bro get down and handle your business like a man

Gorf G
**** means Fuck . 🤐😂🤡

Tim O.
Westerners (both hemispheres), I dunno… but y’all got anger issues. Maybe except for the dad at 7:46. His was a righteous anger.

Nigel Bond
Wow, aren’t Americans a calm and respectful nation 🤪

Shayna Yankwitt
Number one rule: Never hit a female

the biggest lesson, what ever angers you, controls you. you can control your reactions to situations, a silent reaction is the worst reaction, it will bring an end to a problem Right Now. Anger will eat you alive, just look at these videos.

Ritwik gaming
Psycho people

Drunken Angel
I just wonder why I am not in this video!

That Patricia! Vine takes me back, it started a whole trend of Patricia screaming videos

Lil Mike
“People badly in need of an ass kicking compilation.”