Bad Luck! Fails of the Week | FailArmy

Bad Luck! Fails of the Week | FailArmy

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Nikita Burtsev
Why do they keep building that slippery stairs?

Damien Mayne
You see, women, judging from this video alone, without us men you’re fucked.

K. M.
2:02 is not a fail… If it was he’d be dead!

Fresh Funny Videos
Thanks for video! It really funny! 😂😂😂

1. Who wears glasses at the gym?? 2. Who has their laptop with them at the gym instead of putting it in a locker??

Skydiving Squid
4:27, wtf was he doing standing on the course? Bro. GTFO.

3:22 regular day in Uzbekistan

Anthony J. Cold
La clásica preguna gringa: You Okay? jajaja

Scott Was Right
0:29 too funny

Amazing record
Comedy is the medicine for the masses ~

ACHE 777