BEST Back To School Fails!

BEST Back To School Fails!

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TOP – Ability People
ahahaha the world is not without fools)

Korben Boombastik
00:55 Dude was collecting for the archives 😄

Oddjob Triumph
@2:17.. Gen Z finding out how feeble they really are

Gin and Juice
I would be surprised if these people actually learned anything. 😄

Samuel Black
Back to School Fails: 2023-2024 School Year Edition

What The F*ck Did I Just Watch?
one day I came back from school after summer … we were sitting in class and you could hear people talking without understanding … then we randomly heard the phrase »… between the brеаsts« …

Tara L. Blackmore
I too enjoy watching racist people trip and fall on their white faces :). If you still have a racist mascot in your school that you continue to cheer for and celebrate in this century, you deserve to lose a tooth and break your nose in front of your fellow white hoods.

And yes, I’m aware that I’m white.

RefleX End
2:27 😂😂

If you thought there was hope for humanity watching this video set that straight

I love the results of the women’s brains..

Arthur Hoover
So happy I grew up before cameras were in phones.