Best Fails from Canada

Best Fails from Canada

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Sorry… what’s your favorite clip?

Did you really have to change to title? SMH.

More fail on the English side than on the French side, right?
Oops, I’m (already) outside if you’re looking for me… 😇😎

The way that dude was cracking up watching his lady slide down a mountian. True love for sure. Or someone trying to get that life insurance money. Lmfao😂

That’s a lot of dangerous driving! A lot of couchebags.

Wears da Maple sirip

Американцы, вы не доразвитые ? Или специально идиоты!

Who thinks’ No one ‘ s hurt’ is a prank in the failarmy videos😂

There goes my illusions of Canadian competency.

Tim Hortons is too funny

I love the fact that “failing to obey traffic laws” counts as a fail in Canada.