Best Fails of the Decade | Try Not to Laugh

Best Fails of the Decade | Try Not to Laugh

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Favorite clip?

45:15 That poor cat probably just thought “What the fluff is going on!? Help, get me out of here!”…

16:02 Shutdown, 16:06 Reboot 🤣

Knock-down furniture was hilarious!🤣

why are drinks censored??

55:00 what am I missing on this one? I dont get it

I guess it’ll be a flatbed delivery truck then.

The groomsman pulling down the braid was so overly focused on the maid of honor. Can’t even say that he was having an accident at this point xDD

9:38 They could make some good money renting that dog out.

36:00 seems like a lot of these happened in 2020 😂 I think it’s just people being bored stuck at home and being reckless lmao

I find it interesting how i forgot about these fails yet.. once i see it i remember iv seen some it before if only i could tap into my memory without needed to see what i already seen to remember that iv seen it.. hrrmm