Best Fails of the Year (So Far) 2023

Best Fails of the Year (So Far) 2023

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Favorite clip?

Mo Momomo
the kid that spills a drop and pours the entire rest of the glass of OJ gets me every time

Lynn Quinn
Best fails of the year? The Alban, Ontario accident with the truck on the roof of the house (on Hwy 64) happened September 10, 2019.

i would like to say, nobody got hurt. but the boy at 3:31, is certainly no longer with us, after his mom got hold of him 😛

Artjom-Aarto Bulotsjoff
3:32 If paint is nitro, a boy killed mother eyes. 😮

Denise Wanzenried
36.40 um bolsonarista fazendo merda nos USA ahahhaahhahahahahaahhaha

Here comes the train!😂😂😂😂

Sería interesante ver las reacciones de campesinos mirando estos videos. Asumo que creerán que todos son extraterrestres haciendo su vida tan complicada y siendo tan torpes.

Fireball XL-5
Pretty good video compliation.

Matheus M.M.
O cara do Shurastey já tava mostrando que não era bom de volante…