Best Fails Of The Year | Try Not To Laugh

Best Fails Of The Year | Try Not To Laugh

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29:09 Saw a program once many years ago (can’t remember what) where a guy wasn’t so lucky in such a scenario, but still survived!

At least your happy knowing that your car is safe from theft. don’t know wots wers it being stolen or owed by a imbersill😄🤣

That’s just not funny

Herecomes the bride all dressed in sh*t 20:35 😆😆

I passed… I didn’ t laugh 👎

Great compilation, but seriously. The year got 31 one days left. That’s one month left. Don’t say “best of the year” if you don’t know what a year is

A black cats bad luck but thay all so say sh*t for luck. Wot a.dylema 😆

stupid people i like

52:24 RAM is it Ducato?!.. WTF?!.. R U Nuts?!😮😮😮

19:17 i think you got a pumcher my friend 😅

Got 2 be 1 of the transformers how thay spit you out in danger 😆😅