Best Fails Of The Year | Try Not To Laugh

Best Fails Of The Year | Try Not To Laugh

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4:28 that moan tho 😮

Ok, he was just having a bad day 1:03

5:42 Does she think she’s Wonder Woman going to stop a car with her foot? ROFL

PS-There are a LOT of ways to be “harmed,” such as psychologically, financially, emotionally; so stop putting up that ‘no one was harmed.’ That’s really bad communication.

WAY too many ads for corresponding video time. It’s as bad as most streaming services, but at least I’m not paying to watch so many ads!

Tooo much censorship these days…
I mean really, a dog taking a shit is censored?

Lol I couldn’t hold back my laugh for minute 😂😂😂😂😂

Awesome funny crazy clips probably best seen in one video 2 hr plus spoiling us now 😊

22:33 nothing funny about that shit!!!!

Sometimes you only get one of those stupid mistakes to end your life. 😢