Best Of The Month | Try Not To Laugh

Best Of The Month | Try Not To Laugh

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Favorite clip?

Daniel Mores
“who leg you done took”
Are people trying extra hard to sound ghetto or is ghetto just braindamaged?

3:41 I love it when people celebrate too early 😂

Poor raccoon! They took his home. It’s not funny, it’s sad.

You see, that’s exactly why God did not intend girls to play baseball. What better proof do you need? Forgive us, we know not what we do.

Conrad Crawford
I think the clip at 12:34 was filmed at the Davenport, Iowa skatepark!

Jovanovic Katarina
Sorry, but some of them are not funny at all! Actually looks very harmful and painful 😢

The hot air balloon at 5:55 I swear if the guy yelling “Hang on!”said the N-word I’d be sure it was Uncle Ruckus 😂

coco mo
😂😂😂 the elephant!!!!