Biggest Nightmare! Fails Of The Week

Biggest Nightmare! Fails Of The Week

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What was your favorite nightmare?

do never touch a Dog… -.-

Death from above. 2:03

3:20. *_PLEASE_*_ No more people falling on ice on stairs. They all identical!_

Prescriptive Reasoning
Rename channel: Pathetics of the week.

Ricardo da Costa
6:25, thats a Brazilian! 😛 (Flag Colors)

Lane Mosser
I can’t stop laughing at 5:50

Jake Drab
The german shepard was obviously busy. All he said was get out of my way. Though with alot of attitude.

James Bennett
Dont pet strange dogs. 5 years olds know this.

Kimberly Weaver
OMG I just got back from tubing in Helen! You always get launched straight into that tree! 🤣

Chickens chasing people are channeling their dinosaur ancestors.