Break On Through! Fails Of The Week

Break On Through! Fails Of The Week

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What was your favorite nightmare?

I really like the videos where black people get hurt.

Sorry For The Inconvenience
So enjoyable to watch

Marcus Porter
I must admit, when I saw the cicada one, I didn’t think it was a cicada at first. I thought it was a saddleback caterpillar.

Micheal Moore
Failarmy going through another stage of badly staged “fails” bring back the og failarmy those were the days

Unexplained AF
Why would anyone run from a chicken?

1:52 EWW!!

Yashen Raveesha
“Hi Birdies”
famous last words

Lucifer’s Slave
hed be a dead dog i tell yah

Dave Ellis
Recorded horizontally:) and vertically:(

Animal tvi
7.32. Seems to be a slight breeze