Breaking Badly! Fails Of The Week

Breaking Badly! Fails Of The Week

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6:05 was the best. The gagging got me.

facta non verba
Now you know why orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, and physiotherapists are well off.

Nature and Physics
What the heel is wrong with that woman handling the turkey?

Felix Sagined
“Everybody was harmed”

Thanks to the YouTubes/Instagram, ENT, EMT, Orthopedics, physical therapist, general surgeon, chiropractor, gynecologist, proctologist, sports medicine neuro surgeons, occupational health therapist, will always be hiring.

Dank American
That weird guy in the window

Erin Tyres
1:30 Ever since that jump, his nickname is “Rufus”.

Jaque Braveau
Watching and laughing at Americans getting hurt is an international pastime. Americans are just so stupid.

Shaka brah 🤙

Nate M
I need an update on that cow lol and that girl with the turkey was just sad lol

What a Fat Head. Trying to climb down a ladder holding a leaf blower.
Set the blower down on the roof against the ladder and then WITH BOTH HANDS descend on the ladder.