Breaking Badly! Fails Of The Week

Breaking Badly! Fails Of The Week

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Die Neon Partei
*stupid American ZIP Line*

Erik Johansson
2:17 scared the shit out of me, thanks🤣

Cosmic Noah
the part when he broke the tv with a wii remote 0:28

What’s with that zip line? How are they still in business?

Milot Mehmeti
😂😂 5:08

Ryan North
Worst zipline ever lmao

Luigi [Brawl Stars]
0:27 This Is Why You Always Need To Wear The Wrist Strap When Playing Motion Controled Wii Games Such As Wii Sports.

Cool !!!

Bannana Hammock
2:17 trew my phone away..

Delphia Eldridge
We know you’re not going to be a good cook little girl if you can’t handle taking plastic off of a turkey 🦃🦃🦃 so boys stay away from this one or you’ll be eating microwave dinners 😂😆😂😆😂😆😂