Breaking Badly! Fails Of The Week

Breaking Badly! Fails Of The Week

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Bryan Montepeque
0:24 Someone didn’t see the warnings about using the strap, huh? 🧐

For some reason the cat at 3:36 made laugh so much 😂

Poor dog at 7:24 😂 Like it is still fun to watch but he genuinely doesn’t know what’s going on 😂🥺

0:36 is he still alive?

0:47 so that’s what happened to Hambubger lol

Mussab Haider
oh he is still alive 💀

Rahul Vardhan
2:17 had jump scare better than most horror movies lol

the girl at 6:06 what a wimp like bruh its only a turkey they dont even smell bad .-.

Dunno who had a harder time, the cat in the outhouse or the dog on the ice.

John Coffins
Women are stupid

Peter Gozinya
0:47 🤣🤣🤣
How much money did that guy save by cleaning out his gutters himself ?

The utter bastards who filmed their dog sliding on the ice and didn’t help it don’t deserve to have an animal! 😡😡😡

F95 olé !
Snowmobiles and Jetskis a mostly used by totally idiots…