BROKEN PARACHUTE! Stressful Fails Of The Week

BROKEN PARACHUTE! Stressful Fails Of The Week

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Always Bolt the Bird
I could watch that guy sneeze into the shelf a million times

Clav D
1:11 as the poor dude in the video, I was not expecting this at all…. 💀
Most black snakes aren’t venomous, hope the guy is ok

evaluate analysis
6:40 How do they get that video? I don’t think anyone else could be near enough to take it. There is a gap in the video between the camera and his helmet, so an ordinary camera on his head couldn’t do that. Is it some very special sort of camera? I can see something on his helmet.

the ghost

Darth Nox
3:38 This foolish girl is dead.

Fairy Buddy-Angel
No one was harmed? No feedback on the snake bite chap.

she had a situation where she broke the dreams of many guys

3:36 no wonder he talking to Nita.😂