BROKEN PARACHUTE! Stressful Fails Of The Week

BROKEN PARACHUTE! Stressful Fails Of The Week

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2:05 😂

BS….no way a toy car
did that damage…

Hhmm…..I, too, am wondering who is Nita.

Han DoiT
1:05 was he okay?

Samuel Giles
My favourite fail was at 2:03 (the sneeze head banger)

David Ridgeway
Ok…it annoys me that now some of these are set up. The remote control car hitting the side of ghe actual car…that was fake…I mean it did hit the car but the after shot wqs set up. And the dog eating the food…that lady put that food there on purpose

Ivan Ivanov
0:50 Баба виновата. Пассажир талию не смог нащупать, поэтому упал

2:38 looks like 12 hours after chipotle

Gee! My dog ate the french fries that I had in front of my recording camera for no reason!

Nick Freeman
2:37, even if she didnt fall, is this really the best place to pose for a photo?