Canadians Being Idiots | Funny Fails

Canadians Being Idiots | Funny Fails

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Sorry… what’s your favorite clip?

What is the deal at 7:08? There isn’t any traffic violation, why is this cop pulling the guy over? The driver pulls into a spot ahead of an 18-wheeler like you normally do, because they always leave space and it’s the best place to merge – what is the crime? This sure is Canda for you – mysteriously stupid “rules” that Canadians follow like sheep without questioning their own servitude to idiocy.

Canadians making Americans look good.

Fail army, as a Canadian, you bring me joy in this video to laugh at my fellow 🍁 😂

9:23 A seal in the snow?? WOW

1:27 oh ya just walk out into the middle of the highway and get mad at the drivers doing highway speeds

Son más divertidos los rusos, los canadienses hasta en los choques y caídas son aburridos…

that last one… i dont even… WTF lady, jus WTF.