Car Crash Stops Traffic! Fails Of The Week

Car Crash Stops Traffic! Fails Of The Week

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Oliver Kemper
Buddha dies 1:03

Randy Castillo
10 more feet and that skateboarder would have hit his head on the curb. See how long he laughs afterwards.

Minerva Lyrics
it makes me unable to stop laughing

4:40 women ☕️

Nathan Eley
Dramatic arts major is dramatic

Too many bleeps. Either mute the swear words or leave them in.

Stove Guy
Use circular saw and don’t look under board?

William Riley-J
7:45 and this is one of the many reasons why I will NEVER have a kid.

Tony Valdez
0:17 Noone was hurt:):)
4:44 Hahahaah how stupid someone can be:):)

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day
7:45 “De ce ai făcut treaba asta?” (Why did you do it?)

Inn Cog Neato
Cat on the concrete is the best.