Car Crash Stops Traffic! Fails Of The Week

Car Crash Stops Traffic! Fails Of The Week

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4:23 some people should REALLY NOT TOUCH things they don’t know how to properly use.

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Vitaliy Nikitenko
Jesus Loves You!

Sweetpea’s Mom
7:35 that little vandel is too cute to spank😊

Sweetpea’s Mom
4:15 can someone please tell me what that lady has on her forehead. Thanks.

so many bips…

only **** i love it!!!

Shadow Vapor
0:14 That was terrifying to watch. My heart just dropped to my stomach. I hope he made safely back home.😱

Xander Blaze
Only THREE crashes in the WHOLE video & NONE of those clips showed traffic stopping…. 🙄😒😑

Gavin Ziozios
The one with the snowplow coming by right as he finished? Been there. Thoroughly unamusing