Caught On Camera! Fails Of The Week

Caught On Camera! Fails Of The Week

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Which clip was your favorite?

2:35 😂😂😂😂

That cat had zero patients

dumb asses

2:16 wife material

These are brutal

The last kid is a keeper😂😂😂😂

That no-traction white SUV… Kitty litter, my dude! Get kitty litter!!
If my Corolla hadn’t been so deep in the ditch, kitty litter would have given me the needed traction. As it was, the county sheriff had to pull me out. I was his fourth rescue of the hour

Both the girls at 2:10 did a great job, handling the car and (assuming the other is her mother) teaching her how to handle situations calmly. It might save your life or someone else’s one day.

yeah, don’t leave tools on your ladder. I’m trying to learn that before I hurt myself or break something lol.

But now that I think about it, maybe I can make like a band and loop thing for my drill and put a clip on the top of the ladder…

2:26 bro hit the griddy