CRAZIEST Action Cam Fails! Cool Shots and Wipeouts

CRAZIEST Action Cam Fails! Cool Shots and Wipeouts

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GOC 88
That was the gayest fail army clip I’ve ever seen. You all know which one I’m talking about 🌊

paul h
*At **01:51**, it sounds undeniably like two super cars drifting into a collision. Tell me I’m not wrong.*

Style la vidéo du couple dans l’eau, comme les pub Belambra, clubs med, là nana ce prend une de s’est vague dans la tronche à l’arrivée elle ressemble plus à une fille qui fait une belle pub 😂

Rocky Road
It’s unsettling how uncoordinated people can be, but it’s still funny.

2:00 much deserved

Matthew Harrup
What a woke YouTube channel

Luke Stanley
I just watched this as a joke to laugh. But.. uhh i cant stop watching it every day

Yo is the last guy okay?

where is this? 4:48

7:03 Remember that scene in Cloverfield just before the camera guy gets eaten?

The number of narcissistic selfie-tards in this world is frightening.