Crazy Vacation Fails | Try Not To Laugh

Crazy Vacation Fails | Try Not To Laugh

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Favorite clip?


why do you censor alcohol – do we live in the middle age?

Some of these are so funny, and the rest make me think: “And these people VOTE….”

The guy with the sunburn made me grimace.

Poor kid going to Disneyland… Big surprises are never worth it, the anticipation is half the fun!

bro 4:24… that guy has to be tasting copper after that

The little boy with the candle at the end wasn’t a fail. I was expecting him to throw a tantrum and knock the cupcake on the floor or his sister to reach over and do something, but he just kept trying until he figured it out. Absolutely adorable WIN!

I wanted to express my gratitude for sending such an amazing video my way.