Destruction Derby! Best Fails Of The Week

Destruction Derby! Best Fails Of The Week

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Aces T
0:36 She deserved that. I wish he had hit her harder 🤦‍♂️

6:36 Great, now all Lowe’s associates with long hair will have to wear hair nets!! 😂 Explains why I stood around for 20-minutes waiting for someone to help me find a part!🤷‍♂

Dave Ellis
Recorded horizontally:) and vertically:(

Sam Craig
The fat guy that keeps falling at 01:02 when attempting a mild run in front of a stadium audience lol😂. Also baptism fails lol 😅

What I’ve learned from this video – there’s very few females with balanced weight, it’s either skinny featherweights that get knocked down by a mere dog leash pull, or overweight landwhales that literally made car wheells rip from axls when they get in and drive…. Educational.

john michurin
Привет друзьям из Америке! Я из России, из Сибири! Миру Мир! Раньше хотел в Америку, теперь Я очень рад что Я живу в России!!!! 🙂

The hair stuck in the forklift @6:37 is honestly the most work I have ever seen any Lowe’s employee do while on the clock. I sincerely hope they got raises.

3:36…baby dies and no one notices.

Lucius Fox
Some of this funny. Some of this really scares me.

Peter Martin
Two serious questions: Are these clips all from the same country? If so, why are there so many fat people? Thank you if you have a seriousl answer.