Destruction Derby! Best Fails Of The Week

Destruction Derby! Best Fails Of The Week

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Fuh qew
6:50 i caused an accident pulling out of a mcdonalds and blamed it on the other person and then got my hair locked up in the hilow. I bet that somehow was someone elses fault too.

4:18 was shown on Just Rolled In 😂

noisebrat _
„Oh! Beard.“ 😂😂😂

Sarah Barton
0:30 would love to know what he said

2:19 Reallife Andrew Garfield Spiderman

Christian Stachl
He sounds like a Dothraki 😅

when you are too fat to lift your leg over a 2 foot fence…….its time to put down the chips.

01:15 She knows already 💀

Karmah ​🤍
3:57 I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tripped over the damn dog gate!

@2:00 The noise her face made hitting the ground!

Liam Fox
Oof, that nurse at 4:45.. you could hear her ankle breaking. Thays going to be a long recovery