Don't Fall In! Most EMBARRASSING Funny Fails

Don't Fall In! Most EMBARRASSING Funny Fails

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1:10 isn’t that THE Tony Hawk?

Probably the most sneaky stage dive in human history at 5:57

Hans De roode
Smooooothhhh 😂

I’m just curious what they thought was going to happen with that bike ramp…. lol

i love how people so casually moved out of the way when that random dude tried to stage dive. like wtf show did you think you were at? it says new mexico swap meet

Crusoeland Productions
0:36 Judging by their regular appearances on this channel, these things are apparently a menace to society.

Jorge LD
The first woman could have died…The laughing mate is a psycho!!!!

Markus Andrew
8:14 That was some pretty impressive juggling before someone threw the big ball in.

This one is very very good🤣🤣

Most of these was not funny at all, these was life threatening events. It’s stupid people who would find these funny

Shadow Vapor
3:37 CRINGE!!!