Down They Go! Fails Of The Week

Down They Go! Fails Of The Week

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Walter Fristoe
Da agony o’ da feet! 😫

6:42 Did she say Failblog? 🙂

Falcon and Trident
Enough with the strippers already 🤢

Cat falls off of drier, laundry bin lands over him, his first thought, oh well, it’s nap time anyway. ZZZZZ

terrible vid

Paulo Cesar
6:03 What’s happening here?

Цього разу – відверте гівно.

Pzafeer Hoq
It’s been years since I last saw a fail army vid and today yt just decided to recommend me this. Brings back so many memories

Adam Wu
The one with the cat dressed up is not fail but animal abuse.

Blue Sea Nomad
Was the first half sponsored by BMW?