Down They Go! Fails Of The Week

Down They Go! Fails Of The Week

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Rom Giotti
4:00 « im ok ! » knee « crumble »

Вач ис ю нейм? 😁

Richard Bicycle
2:01 I love that the recorder is just casually watching from on the elliptical, it’s like a silent cartoon haha

Arie KopKaas
Who was hurt?

Ernie Gutierrez
@7:20 this video made me sad as I just watched a video showing a leopard in India sneaking up on and snatching a sleeping dog 🙁

Gift Horse
That poor husky

Who the F rides a motorbike in a bikini. Bet she wouldn’t feel special sliding down the asphalt on her bare skin at 50 MPH 🤦‍♂️

FUBAR Model Yard
Stop putting stupid costumes on your cat. It’s not cute or funny and the cat hates you for it

Russell Lang
Does anyone know whats happening w the mom in the mini van? Her son keeps saying “u went all the way to central” ? What

серго пес

Jason Williams
7:38 what’s the fail, the guy trying to look like Coolio or the fact that he’s wearing swim goggles?