Dumb Ways To Ride! Fails Of The Week

Dumb Ways To Ride! Fails Of The Week

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I think I’ve learned more about ladder safety from FailArmy videos than any other topic. Oh, and use the handrails while coming down steps in the winter.

Eric B
Now YT has to blur out 2″ of butt crack when someone falls. There’s no hope for sanity.

Iam Grateful like dat
2:11 Baby is looking like wtf dad? 😒
2:55 The bike is her obvious hater 😂
3:13 is he really fishing a crocodile?
7:11 what in the world is that 😂

Epic Fail Vault
bird in house idk wat to do! birds infront of slidingg foor easily openable lol

Dominic Carter
Well the first video is definitely the fastest way to start renovating.

m e
Finally, porch stair slippin season is over

lnjinn Tunn
watching this in slomo is hilarious…. 0.44: perfect dismount, toes pointed, she’s good


2:46 Who in their right mind would leave a pit covered by just a piece of cloth?

1:08 Story of my life 😅

Harikrishnan J
What actually happened near to the man, who was walking in backyard… What was exploded?