Dumb Ways To Ride! Fails Of The Week

Dumb Ways To Ride! Fails Of The Week

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I think I’ve learned more about ladder safety from FailArmy videos than any other topic. Oh, and use the handrails while coming down steps in the winter.

Colton Koepp
That trailer with the boat on it is exactly why in the receiving business we make sure the driver choked the wheels and lowered the landing gear before they drive away had those wheels been choked properly the trailer wouldn’t have rolled away

Lol 😂😮😅😢😊🎉

🌹The Beautiful Rose🌹
I love this channel

Alexander Ludwick
@4:34 I’ve seen my mum dry her hands like that before.. it just meant you are getting your ass whopped even better now haha

Ivan Eames
Trapped bird lady says she doesn’t know what to do then promptly does EXACTLY what she needs to do by opening the door and still screams as the bird is flying out and AWAY from her posing no threat to her whatsoever.

0:28 looked like it really hurt 😮

René W.
to the cardriver at the beginning – you would not have come that far on my house – the wall is a concrete wall.. lucky for him/her because getting stopped on the backyard is better for the health as getting stopped by a wall.

mem koe
I laughed so hard tears ran down my leg!!!

Now Issue
1:30 buddy actually thought he could strong arm the compressor up on that bracket by himself…😍😍😍

Mario G
I enjoy watching people getting hurt from being stupid. Always did. Ever since I was a little kid.