Dumb Ways To Ride! Fails Of The Week

Dumb Ways To Ride! Fails Of The Week

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I think I’ve learned more about ladder safety from FailArmy videos than any other topic. Oh, and use the handrails while coming down steps in the winter.

To think this is only a very, very small sampling of all the stupid people we are all surrounded by. You are driving next to one at 80 mph … right now. Let that sink in.

Motive T
Great video

FuG_ Momo
It’s always fun to see an american cabin (house my bad) being blown away by a sneeze.

funny vedio
it’s amazing

Chris Yu
3:04 yea but she drove that tee at least 20 yards…..

Harri Haapaniemi
1st mother in law come for visit? 😁😁

Chris Yu
2:17 hey don’t laugh, that little performance laid the ground work for never having to change a diaper again!

Ruben T
4:26 This woman has no earthly idea how lucky she was that that bird was more focused on getting out than being afraid of a giant human. 999,999 out of every million birds would have flown away to some other part of the house, once she got too close, and gotten even more lost.

The Music UFO
2:27 Time to advance electric wheelchair technology again, after this one caught fire by sunlight reflected from the mirror.

jaru jai