Dumb Ways To Ride! Fails Of The Week

Dumb Ways To Ride! Fails Of The Week

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I think I’ve learned more about ladder safety from FailArmy videos than any other topic. Oh, and use the handrails while coming down steps in the winter.

ACHE 777

Space Hog
7:01 edit fail?

Is not dumb ways to ride because some are just accidents, others are climbing, ect…all kinds of fails…but it was funny to watch.
I laughed a lots.

saya izin mengambil video anda apakah boleh?😢

Robin Tussin
Microwaving eggs is a good way to burn and/or blind yourself.

Bikes, Cars And More!
Yoooo that first one tho

90 percent of these videos are proof that people do not think about the consequences of there actions.

Nevan Sanchez
Failarmy is the best at entertainment

Whaddya call it
2:55 yep we loved it, open mouth gasp.

Mojo Jojo
Clip 1: that’s why they say it is a bad fengshui to have your house facing a T-junction.