Dumb Ways To Ride! Fails Of The Week

Dumb Ways To Ride! Fails Of The Week

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I think I’ve learned more about ladder safety from FailArmy videos than any other topic. Oh, and use the handrails while coming down steps in the winter.

sierra stanley
2:26 i didn’t actually think that was possible 😮

4:20 open… open the door?

Phil A. O’Fish
It’s obvious that the young lady at 5:45 trying to cut the egg never learned that you should NEVER cook an egg in a microwave oven, then shell it and try to cut it. The internal pressure from microwaving it only builds up and it explodes once you take it out and try to do that. The same goes for baking a potato in the microwave because you have to prick the skin all over prior to cooking it otherwise the same will happen and it too will explode because of the build-up of internal pressure.

Husky Passion
stupid games = stupid prizes

Really these people reached Moon?

Andrés Quintero
0:01 That Range Rover was just chilling man, 😭😭💀💀

diddy hasty
4:30 I sense a red rear end in his immediate future.

In Sweden we have a law that forces us to use slide-protektion for ladders (a kind of hooks that prevent the ladder from sliding), and even special made roof-ladders to walk on. Otherwise we will be prosecuted.

Jim Brady
Wtf was that @1:47?

The Good Green Herb
First one is not a fail but a lunatic 😦