Dumbest Fails of the Week

Dumbest Fails of the Week

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Funniest clip?

dumb shit

The lazy Susanne is not for spinning it fast

0:39 ここ狩野英孝

Have you got copyright issues because of using these clips and how you got monetized? Please🙏 reply.

at 0:30, pedestrian rights is to cross at zebra cross not the other way around, so please to all driver out there, just slow down, pedestrian is paying tax too

If he died wouldn’t u b at his funeral and b crying yr eyes out?

love how the guy at 6:33 was a good sport and could laugh at himself haha

I don’t understand the one with the electric string trimmer.

I love that the daughter woke up startled from her sleep, saw her dad ( I guess?) On the floor and then covered herself & went back to sleep 😂😂😂😂😂