DUMBEST Fails Of The Week!

DUMBEST Fails Of The Week!

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An Egg on a Childs head – NOW WAY!!! For the FailArmy Maker for the death penalty !!!

Tina Lorenzo
1:39 😂😂😂 This idiot

Itzzz Rhys
1:23 smile on her face tells me “it’s ok daddy can pay” fkn idiot

2:30 he just wants to talk.

8:12 What happened? You left your dog alone for hours on end. Whenever you see videos like this, it’s always in the US. Here, you can leave your dog for five hours max.

Joel Moses
Holly smokes! 😮 That’s Lady’s car 🚗 hit the garage door! 🚪 Wow 😯! That’s was dumb fail! But was funny 😄 and hilarious 🤣 too! This is video is a laughingstock! 😅😂😆 This is video made my day by Failarmy! Good job! 👏 👍 Thanks 😊 for sharing with us! I love you FA! ❤😍

cracking the eggs – bst parent!!! Love her!

Schnee von Gestern
the dumb person at 1:15 should get life long driving ban.

Husky Passion
quand on cherche la merde…

youtube user
kumani? lmao