DUMBEST Fails Of The Week!

DUMBEST Fails Of The Week!

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Grug Bug
Top KEK!
Peace be with you.

Raptor Jesus
1:29 the Jurassic Park 30th anniversary edition seems to have received some edits.

Proud Transphobe
These videos prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, dogs are garbage.

The brummie Rail enthusiast
0:56 look the railing it’s striking the windows and the trains not stopping

Biker Freund RN65
5:42 Best dog 😂❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ @karlj1717, Yes it´s true This dog loving Life 😂😂

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‘William Wilson
I would like to thank you-tube and their ads… It give me a list of things NOT TO BUY!!

The Loyal Shinobi
Bro I feel bad for the first guy on bike, it wasn’t even his fault 😭

eihei oh
fuc* this video no love no fun

johan du plooy
at 5:06 this is a stupid “TREND” that is going to be challenged soon …that is not nice to do that to a unexpecting child victim …if you unexpectedly hit and brake a EGG on someone head it hurts a little but all the todlers have soft skin and there are videos many of them cry when their parents hit them in the head with an egg and it brakes….NOT fare to them i think !!!

4:00 This was an intentional target