Extreme Sports Fails | ULTIMATE Bails

Extreme Sports Fails | ULTIMATE Bails

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GOD’S messenger
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Maybe you should their injuries and the hospital bill so they have some idea of the risks they are taking.

1:48 – what’s that monkey doing on the roadway?

Peter Mwangi
01:35 I’ve experienced that, it’s very painful

Why do they stop filming I want to see the aftermath

Sarah Barton
1:35 omg you heard his arm crack

Baja Blast
It would be really cool if you could do just scooter fails 😂 love ya fail army❤

Kurt Kaster
2:24 That looks beyond dangerous. If that’s a metal corner, no way she didn’t split her head open.

One of the best ones yet!

Tony Cutty
It’s the noises some of them make, a great mixture of ‘oof’, ‘erk’, ‘gluck’ and so on… 😀