Extreme Sports Fails | ULTIMATE Bails

Extreme Sports Fails | ULTIMATE Bails

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Failarmy: Thrasher edition

Dre Jon
8:28 Add on the Taco Bell bong sfx and this would be comedy gold 🤣

Pi Ta
I’m seriously concerned for the person’s health at 10:17

Feel free to have fun but don’t be stupid.

To say it in the legendary words of Jabba the Hutt: “HO HO HO HO HO, HA HA HA HA HA….”

Нина Святецкая
7:12 фонк дрифт я хасаню

Insurance companies are laughing all the way to…their banks😂.

Mike Zerker
Don’t worry, no one was hurt!

Samit Rao
🤗 Thanks for all the Doctors that have fixed them !

Elijah Starr
Broken arm!! 😁 Fail army returning to it’s roots

Gregg Goss
Everyone was hurt here. Come on bro,why did you blur out at 1:16?