FAILING with Rizz! Fails Of The Week

FAILING with Rizz! Fails Of The Week

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Prince Green Advanced Self Defence
At 3.40 a group of lads playing music see a speaker drop,but look just before the speaker does drop,there is clear orb like smoke paranormal activity

The Michigan one with the glacial lake and mountains, is def not from Michigan……

Wessel Hoek
Please make a beat out of this scene 0:50

I watch the Chanel on tv lol

VHS was a better quality

EinieN J
Yeah.. if you get THAT drunk, I’ll go get you a pillow and a blanket, not trying to drag your ass inside..

EinieN J
00:34 The mountain biker doing a 360° in the hill.. damn, I thought he broke his back..


6:01 Mick Foley

Florian Bittmann
Sehr guten 😂

Ernest Pfannen
👁👌 4:54