FAILING with Rizz! Fails Of The Week

FAILING with Rizz! Fails Of The Week

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Василь Ридзай
no russian pls

Fail Army

Андрей Ильин
4:50 хованский

Markus Andrew
That last guy had the best night he’ll never remember.

I dont get why yoh use so many clips in which people are seriously in danger

6:34 Waay too much drama there, PJ😂

Joshua Snyder
Hill climbs 🤦

Agus Stiya
1:54 😖😣😩😫😳

Juju Toobootie
3:42 I’m sure something supernatural occurred here. Maybe it was the frequency of the music.

Check the top left corner of your screen.

spectacular this channel is note 10! As creators, we know the work that goes into creating good videos like this. I strive every day for my channel to reach thousands of people one day.