FAILING with Rizz! Fails Of The Week

FAILING with Rizz! Fails Of The Week

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The last clip be like, my man doesn’t last long!!🤭🤭🤣🤣

OMG 2:22 Didn’t spill a DROP WOW !

@ 0.41 sec was THAT A MOOTOR BIKE😂

A.C.M.E. Ink. 🧨💥
0:40 Bull 🐮 running through a China Shop ! 💥

Ethereal Gamer
I accidentally tripped and ran down the stairs backwards while holding a plate with 2 slice of pizza and a dr pepper on it and I managed to keep my balance and everything on the plate all the way to the bottom, surprisingly I didn’t get hurt due to my ankle disability lol.

Bianca VA
The lady under the car had me at 💅.. 😂😂😂


happened to me also in Croatia only difference was 6274.64 feet 😂

How did i survived?

Thanks to Allah im still Alive

M Kerr
2:14 Enjoying the soup. Cooker explodes. Three run. The soups still there. Last man at table is wondering what the hell just happened!

Cursed F
The chick working on the car, keep pushing lady your amazing

Cursed F
The bike accident omg