Fails of the Week | Best Fails You've Never Seen!

Fails of the Week | Best Fails You've Never Seen!

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It has got to be a bad idea to toss water onto brakes that are red hot.

Bucky Dornster
A donation button, ha.

1st clip shows how bad jeeps are

omg dont do that,my lower back sick until now fall down from bed with my boyfriend lol

Bob Man
Was really hoping the bmx guy was gonna finish that

_ 3:53 Poor bride 😂😂😂😂 _

If you are a company and you sue failarmy for an emoji you created, you must be one of the most grumpy d-bags on earth.

aleksandr gordiychuk
last person was disgusting

Brian Drown
your vids are always so interesting to me and i love them

Space Lemur
There are fails caused be true accidents, many my thoughtlessness and lack of experience, others caused by hubris, and others caused by gross knuckleheadedness.

Ahh, lots of classic “dog pulls people over” and “someone falls down steps” this week.

And of course, no shortage of drunken idiots, hahaha.

Kudos to the kid who tried to get back into the raft at 5:07 though.