Fails of the Week | Best Fails You've Never Seen!

Fails of the Week | Best Fails You've Never Seen!

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Stephen Marks
Damn, looks painful

Tobbkk 1990

is anybody finding the numerous people falling from their verandas and front door steps funny?
I think we’ve seen enough of that.

Leo Productions
We need a separate videos for people and stairs, cause it seems no one in the USA knows how to use the stairs on thrte front porch.

Reuben Bowers
0:48 my guy sounds like the ‘Wrestler’ boss from Streets of Rage 2.

Secular Citizen
1,593,113th person to watch this

John Bargozi
Miserable cxxksucking YouTube now makes you watch 4 ads instead of 2?! Goddamn it!!

Funny People – Best Funny Videos Compilation
That dude was in a predicament he didn’t anticipate

Edible Cactus
And that ladies and gentlemen why you should never get a dog that you can’t handle.

Rodney Martin
2:18 big dogs should NOT have retractable leashes on them for this exact reason.