Fails Of The Week | Over The Top

Fails Of The Week | Over The Top

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Keith Goodwin
Lol that tard who thought it was fireworks….

There are some bad injuries you don‘t realize at once. I‘m afraid, in this video (and other similar videos) there are a lot of people who were harmed.

Janet Carmell
me when a fail doesn’t say no one was harmed:😳

The Last Swedish Viking
3:00 3:36 7:28

Mr Bushi
Yeah thats real safe to be breathing that in at 5:52 Id bet money she mixed chemicals together.

Mr Bushi
This is why you dont be impatient and J walk

ted tedy
5:12 got to be Creepy Joe 😂😂

Lyle Waller
“Do you have the manual anywhere?”
“What do you think is burning?”

Saquib Farooq
Reality: guy clearly bounced of a car
FA: No on was harmed … just watch the video

c0rrupted m!nd
THE SAME PLACE 😂 2:07 5:23