Fails Of The Week | Over The Top

Fails Of The Week | Over The Top

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Agi Lara
That lady really thought those were fire works she’s the stupid fuckin idiot not knowing it’s a power line that’s doing that. she probably went over after they parked to go say something and saw it was a power line by that time it’s to late she’s the one going snap crackle pop.. i would of said nope turn around and leave. Yup because fire works made the tree fall on the power line. Idk what kind of fire works that do that and who lights them close to a RV.

Dude, stop beeping everything, shits ridiculous

kopgre kiui rewo

Tony Stark
fat people falling will never stop being funny

Jasa Glass
3:30 “you have the manual anywhere”.. “its on fire”. The manual on fire too? 😆

Glenn Muir
2:55 Hobo camp on the course.

Matthew Ma
uno, dos, trees🌲

sonic and pals team ultra plush
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