Fails On Top Of The World! Fails of the Week

Fails On Top Of The World! Fails of the Week

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04:10 just exit with the window

bro im not gonna lie the first video…. had me weeek id of ran straight into a tree before blasting some poor lady walking XDDDD like my dude instead of saying F*** a simple “look out” or something would do aswell XD but watch this turn out to be a “how i met youre mother” scene

This first clip is just like a movie. The victim sees the perp trying to hit them with a car and runs in the same direction of travel instead of moving to the side…

Beauty Nice
Amazing 🤩

Feel Your Mood
Just love 4:20

I think Jeff drove into the water on purpose….

Caveman Delta
I’m having a cheeseburger for mah homie at 7:50

Jae Tanaka
“My life is in danger, I’ll record it with my cellphone instead of trying to save me”

Glasgow prank

Thomas Hajicek
4:30 Jeff still tryina steer! 😂😂🤣😂