Fails On Top Of The World! Fails of the Week

Fails On Top Of The World! Fails of the Week

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Patrick O’Brien
Why “On the top of the world”?

Rust bucket 93
Hitting the square body but saving the Oldsmobile, nice.

Salvatore Krzysztoszefski
02:58 WTF dont post shit like this

5m 50 sec that little grl shouldnt have been allowed on that ride

Jeff Davies
“Jeff, I’m never gonna forgive you for this”, If I had a pound for every time someone has said that to me….

0:23 A very poor attempt by someone to obscure NATIONCARE Windows & Property Services, based in Chessington, Surrey, from the front of that extremely badly driven van.

Space Lemur
It’s hard to feel sympathy for Jeff, because what sort of an idiot:
A) puts up with Lungs McGee, and
B) drives into fast flowing deep water?

In a flooding vehicle and her first thing was pull out her stinking phone and record instead of….i dunno, try to get out.


Space Lemur
That last one is the saddest. That little girl is just repeating the guilt tripping of her mother, and she still has about 16 years to go to independence from Toxic Mom.

CFC thegreatesttherecanbe
“Can you catch” “Yeah” “But you can’t throw” 😂

Norbert Gäbler
1:58 Jetzt hab ichs drauf … jaaaa (Now I got it on video … yeeees)