FALLing Forward! FUNNY Fails Of The Week

FALLing Forward! FUNNY Fails Of The Week

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French Gameuse
My dad in law would always do this to me! We would go to a restaurant and he’d say it was my birthday, I was so ashamed of it! 🤣

3:44 She tried to help but gave him a good splash to the face by putting the hose down. 👍

Holden Afart
Kinda getting tired of irresponsible dog owners. Good way for dogs and people to keep getting seriously hurt or even worse

Will McHale
3:21 Honey, we’re home!

6:07 Бомжи и бабки ждут только денег,еда им никогда не нужна,проверенно не раз.

Paige M
2:54 Lmao also just realised this is at a popular playground in my city, wonder if I’ve seen them around before 😂 probably a Karen I’ve dealt with at work

2:57 she says “stop” after she fell. The girl stops immediately. “You need to listen.” No, you need to stop blaming others.

Why didn’t the asshat try to help the woman walking up the porch?

Tommy O
Why does NOBODY know how to turn their phone sideways to shoot video?! We’ve had fucking smart phones for over ten years. No excuse

Sammy D
Wtf happened @6.09

Steve O
1:31 This is why we have RING cameras. Right on her nose. 🐸