FALLing Forward! FUNNY Fails Of The Week

FALLing Forward! FUNNY Fails Of The Week

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0:52 In that case, don’t forget to roll your window back up on a flooded road next time!

Là nana qui film ça bouf elle devrait la manger ce serait pas arrivé

Вот сколько смотрю, ни разу не видел, чтобы в Америке были грязные машины. Очень чисто.

3:20 Is that Paul Hollywood?

Yee Lee Haw
If you think some of these are funny, you got the same issues as the uploader.

Markus Andrew
That’s the worst rendition of “Happy Birthday” I’ve ever heard 😖

Mongmen Rongun
@ 7:12 Looking at that chubber I’d say she’s a regular salad dropper.

C’mon people…get it together. Lard and water DON’T mix.

Mike Steck
2:20 it’s been awhile, but I see that scooters at the skatepark still sucks

Kapuru Banda
3:08 not a keeper. pulled a jim.