Fired up! Funniest Fails of the Week 🔥

Fired up! Funniest Fails of the Week 🔥

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the last one is the hardest female ever

yeah dumb people ..

3:26 Bro really took “Safelite repair, Safelite replace” to heart.

5:27 What in the world was the video car waiting on???? Good grief! Get outta the way!

*I’m glad we revisited the dog walker to see how things were progressing*

“I didn’t get that” “I did”😂😅

thanks for the laughs. Great video!

5:23 that was totally the driver who recorded the vids fault… there was no oncoming traffic in sight. You shouldn’t deserve to drive!!

00:48 She is truly a tennis genius, do you agree?

Work idiots, infotainment, failures, humor, dumb jokes, and situations of narrow escape from death all wrapped up in one—this channel is truly one of a kind❤❤